Artwork // Photography by Riley Dwyer

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Today in Moving Imagery we talked about how dumb color gradients are.

I followed this blog in which some kid made a joke out of his thesis by getting his computer to self generate these gradients and upload them on it’s own.

I guess everything comes with exception seeing as I admire an old friends work who just made a postcard by using color gradient. She does this so well it’s far beyond the average tumblr-user’s skill. 

Consider me unimpressed with most my ex-peers though. 

Ceej blocked me on Instagram!
Follow him on here anyway his NYC scans looking godly

Paradise Come 2 Me 
Do U Remember?
on our way to Florida 
literally printing zines in my dorm room this will be fun 
I wrote a love letter over this once
Sig Chi
Kamiryn’s Back Yard 
Lincoln Park Zoo